6 Innovative Marketing Tips For Wedding Photographers

Words by Ayn Bernos, Content Manager for Wedding Favy

The best thing about the internet age is that you can finally get crafty with your marketing efforts without having to spend a fortune. With a touch of creativity and a little social media know-how, you can build that network and expand your business. Read through this list to get your brainstorming started:

1. Build a community through social media

If you play your cards right, social media can be your brand’s best friend. Many have built their careers through various social media platforms, after all, and there’s no reason for you not to. Take photographers like Simone Bramante on Instagram and Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York, for example.

Simone grew his following to over 800 thousand just on Instagram. His personal travel photos have become advertisements in their own right, minus all of the extra expenses. Now he works with some of the world’s biggest brands, establishing himself as a sought-after photographer both on Instagram and in the professional world.

Brandon, on the other hand, has brought 18 million of his followers together by creating one of today’s most popular photojournalism blogs, Humans of New York. Not only is his Facebook page a reference for his work, it has now become a vibrant resource of portraits and stories from strangers all over the Big Apple. People love it!

Think along those lines, and who knows, your wedding photography business might be the next viral sensation.


2. Blog your wedding shoots

If you haven’t heard of this phrase yet, write it down and keep it in mind: Content is king. This is why blogging for your business is still one of the best (and least expensive) things you can do to boost your online presence. Other than the typical tips and tricks and listicle blogs, writing about your wedding shoots is also a good way to do this. Each shoot is a unique experience, and blogging about each one will display your flexibility and range as a photographer. Make sure to be creative about your blogs — your big break could be one viral post that stood out.

3. Set up a professional digital portfolio

With the ever-growing accessibility of the internet and social media, establishing your online presence is now a necessity, and not just an extra marketing strategy. Potential customers will no longer rely on just words and brochures. The first thing you can expect them to do is to head to your website or social media pages, and look for your portfolio. This is why it is essential for you to have a professional digital portfolio at the ready, wherever they look. Take your materials up a notch by using professionally-designed templates when you post your photos. It is one thing to have amazing photos, after all, and quite another to present them effectively.

4. Get featured on blogs

One of the best ways to introduce your work to a larger audience is by getting featured on blogs -- to be specific, wedding blogs that have an already established readership. How do you do this? One thing you can try is to connect with their writers or editors on social media, and start the conversation from there. Emails are always dependable, but they might also give you a hard time to stand out. Showcase your personality and your work by interacting with the writers through Twitter, for example. It’s a public platform which will allow you to engage with them in an informal fashion. After all, they are always on the lookout for good stories to share and new talents to recommend. Who says you have to make it a business transaction?


5. Run a contest or promotion on Facebook

Have a few days to spare? Why not raffle off a free engagement photo shoot to one lucky Facebook user? It’s a great way to get the word out about your business, while also gaining potential clients. Keep it simple and local, and your Facebook game will be booming in no time.


6. Collaborate with other vendors

The wedding industry is big, but the social circles are small. Take care of all the relationships you make, especially those whom you’ve already worked with. Vendors, especially event planners and caterers, work very closely with clients. Oftentimes they work with them from the very beginning as well. Make sure you’re the first one they think of when they think of photographers. Their next recommendation might be your next client, and it might just be a long-term partnership in the works!

Images by Sharon Nicole Photography