5 Ways to Attract Ideal Clients to Your Website

For creatives & small business owners, it is essential to not only have clients, but to attract the right kind of clients to your tribe. These are the clients who respond positively to the type of work you create and who mesh with your style & values as an entrepreneur.

Your ideal clients are the people who let you gain experience and move forward with passion. The more like-minded clients you attract, the less headaches you’ll wind up having over mis-matched mantras. (It you’re currently in this boat, click here for something that will help with nightmare clients.)

I know what you’re thinking…this all sounds great, but how do you actually find these clients?

For starters, let’s talk about your website. If your online presence isn’t attracting ideal clients, this should be your first plan of action.

If you aren’t sure if your website is the culprit, take a look at the last few projects you’ve worked on. Did these clients find you through your website, or did they snoop on your Instagram account before booking? If you aren’t sure, just ask. Clients love to feel like they’re an integral part of your marketing plans.

If the majority of your clients found you online, are you happy with the outcome of the projects? To help you navigate this topic, we’ve put together a list of 5 ways to attract ideal clients to your website.

squarespace website template  example by Angel Cheung

squarespace website template example by Angel Cheung

1. Get to Know Your Ideal Client

You probably have a vague idea of what your dream client looks like, but have you taken the time to really get to know what makes him or her tick? Instead of daydreaming about what it would be like to shoot a destination wedding, write down specific qualities that your ideal client would encompass.

The first rule of thumb involves defining your targeted demographic. Start with one person - not an entire audience. Come up with an imaginary name, an ideal age, and a gender. Move on to the city or state you’re targeting, and determine whether this person is single or married. You get the idea…free free to add more details as you go. 

What is their personality like? Are they laid back? More structured than your average Joe? What interests them? Vacationing on exotic islands? Perusing vintage stores? Scoring tickets to music festivals to see their favorite bands??

Don’t be afraid to get specific! The more defined your audience is, the more likely you are to attract ideal clients to your site/social media account/store/landing page.

2 . Define Your Niche

The quest for ideal clients begins with a little introspection.  If you’re looking to attract a specific audience, take a look at your own interests and hobbies. Do your personal goals align with that of your dream clients? Can you envision yourself in their shoes? How likely would you be to book someone like yourself if you were seeking a professional within that niche?

Once your products and services have been clearly defined, make a list of the ways in which you will be able to help your ideal client.

3. Create a Consistent Portfolio

The work you put out into the world is a direct reflection of the type of work (and clients) you will attract.

When it comes to finding the right clients, your portfolio can often be a dealbreaker. Let’s pretend that Katie, a future bride, stumbles across your Instagram account and immediately falls in love with your work. She tells her parents about how much she adores your style as a photographer and knows deep down that you’re the right fit for her wedding photography. Her parents take one look at your website and cringe, because the galleries haven’t been updated in years, and they aren’t consistent with the work shown on Instagram and Facebook.

Create trust by showing clients exactly what they can expect within your portfolio. If your ideal clients don’t see consistent patterns throughout your work, they won’t feel comfortable shelling out thousands of dollars for your products or services.

Your portfolio should be up-to-date & well-curated so you can start attracting ideal clients. When your work is consistent & your website is easy-to-navigate, dream clients will be able to take one look at your portfolio and know you’re the one for the job. 

4. Price Yourself Accordingly

Don’t be afraid to charge clients what you are worth. If you are looking to serve a demographic that’s willing to pay thousands of dollars for your services, your prices should reflect this.

Check out your competitors’ websites and social media pages. Are your prices in-line with local vendors who offer similar services? Are you at the higher end of the market? Lower end? You’d be surprised to hear that not every client looks for the lowest price, so price-matching (or beating out other vendors’ pricing by lowering your prices) isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Good clients are willing to pay you for your time, talents, & expertise.

5. Set up a Referral Program

Once you’ve defined your audience and created a consistent portfolio, it’s time to get dream clients knocking on your door. Instead of waiting for clients to fall from the sky, let them be referred to you by people they know and trust. One of the very best resources you have is word-of-mouth, or in the internet world, we call this word-of-affiliate-marketing.

Set up a referral program that offers incentives to past clients whenever they send clients your way. If a client already trusts you - provided you’ve done a good job until now- the extra cash or discount is all they will likely need to start driving more people for your business. 

Follow this 5-point game plan, and you’ll be well on your way to surrounding yourself with dream clients!

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