5 Reasons to Switch to Squarespace

With the launch of our newest Squarespace website templates, we've received quite a few questions asking if we are planning on designing for other platforms. Currently, the answer is NO, and here are a few reasons why we are choosing to design exclusively for Squarespace:


Squarespace is a website platform that allows small business owners to put together a beautiful & affordable home on the web. After using and testing out every platform under the sun, Squarespace is our website creator of choice for our own site & all things creative. 

Things We Love About Squarespace

1. Ease of Use

Squarespace is by far the easiest and most intuitive platform we've ever used. They use something called content blocks, which allow you to add and customize your own forms, galleries, slideshows, and buttons without using any third-party plugins.

All of their sites are created to be mobile-friendly, so you don't have to worry about creating a separate design for various screen sizes.

I've heard numerous people mention how all Squarespace sites look the same, but let me tell you - the creativity is only limited by your own imagination! Their platform allows you to create a site that looks and functions however you'd like! Want to add a video to your home page? No problem. Love the look of parallax scrolling (when the images in the background are revealed as you scroll)? Easy peasy.

Whenever questions come up, I write in to their 24/7 support team, and my problems have been resolved almost immediately.

2. Affordability

For the cost of a few cups of coffee each month, you can create your own beautiful website.

Squarespace is straightforward when it comes to their pricing. As an all-in-one platform, meaning blogging, hosting, and the option to add e-commerce is all included, their monthly fees are much less than anything we've paid for in the past. If you choose to opt-in for a yearly subscription instead of paying monthly, they also throw in a free domain name. 

Since we use Squarespace's business plan, we also have the ability to create promotional pop-ups on our site with coupon codes, newsletter sign-ups, etc. 

3. Automatic Updates

If you've ever used Wordpress,  you know how pesky those red and yellow notifications at the top of your site can be. There's always an update to be performed, and half of the time, after installing the update, at least one plugin on your site no longer works. At least, this was our experience with other platforms, which is one of the reasons why we made the switch to Squarespace.

Squarespace sites stay current without having to click on or install any scary updates. As technology changes, their platform evolves seamlessly with it. Win-win!

4. E-Commerce Integration

One of the biggest headaches for us was finding a website platform that allowed us to sell products without having clients leave our site. We tried everything from embedding product links to installing plugins that made it look like products were hosted on our site when really, buyers were sent to Etsy or another platform altogether to complete their purchase.

After battling it out with WooCommerce for longer than we'd like to admit, we finally decided it was time to go back to the drawing board and redo everything. From scratch. In the middle of an out-of-state move. Shortly after having a baby. I know...it probably wasn't the best timing ever, but hey, it was well worth it! We were really hesitant to start from ground zero and had no idea if Squarespace would be the right platform for us. With quite a bit of research and first-hand experience as far as testing out each and every platform out there, we held our breath and signed up for Squarespace.

5. SEO

For the first time ever, our last year's sales on our site beat out our sales on Etsy & Creative Market COMBINED! Etsy brings in millions of trusted buyers who spend hours and hours on their site searching for everything from knitted cats to photography templates, so you can only imagine how exciting this was for us to know people are going directly to our website instead of finding us elsewhere.

If you've heard that SEO is more powerful on Wordpress than it is on Squarespace, it's simply not true. We've been able to rank on the first page of Google in dozens of search results based on the keywords we use. There are many factors that contribute to any site's SEO, including your content's relevancy, image quality, and load time. Squarespace automatically compresses images so your site loads faster, which decreases the likelihood that someone will bounce while waiting for content-heavy pages to load. The longer they stay on your site, the more likely they are to buy your products or services offered.

Google has also started cracking down on sites that don't have SSL certificates (for non-techy peeps, this tells viewers that your site is secure). All Squarespace sites include SSL certificates, which is especially important if you sell products on your site.