Quit Your Day Job: Our Journey to Financial Freedom

Ten years ago, I was making $400 a month working at my "dream job" as a graphic designer. I showed up early and stayed late to make pennies on the dollar while Thomas spent 12-14 hours a day as an adult babysitter (AKA restaurant manager). I waited tables in the evenings and worked as a leasing agent on the weekends at a Section 8 apartment complex.

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Squarespace Designs in Action: Meet Candace Hires Photography

"I freaking LOVE it.  The video tutorials y'all took the time to do were amazing!!!  I've had Squarespace for 2 years now and seriously had no idea just what could be done within the templates.  Mind blown."

- Candace Hires Photography

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The Photo Session That Almost Didn't Happen

If only you could see how hectic our lives have been over the last month. From losing my voice a few days before our first big talk to getting pooped on right before heading out the door, this last month has been kind of shitty (literally).

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Tips on Finding the Work/Life Balance: Meet Jennifer Pace

Running a small business is hard, but the good news is that you don't have to do everything yourself! When Honeybook launched their Creative Community, we jumped in with both feet and decided to reach out to other designers to see if they'd be interested in collaborating on projects with us. 

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Social Media Templates in the Shop!

We have gotten a ton of requests for social media templates after releasing our Eucalyptus collection. The newest set of designs will save you a ton of time & will allow you to create a consistent, custom branded look.

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Showit 5 Website Template: Pin It to Win It!