About Me Page Templates

Create a unique ‘About Me’ page to use as part of a magazine or to send over to potential clients. These designs can be used digitally on websites & emails or printed & handed out in-person. Let your clients get to know you before they book!

Photographer About Me Pages:

There might be quite a few photographers or creatives in your area who specialize in the same niche market as you, but there is something you have that is totally unique to anyone else. That something is YOU! Your clients want to know the girl behind the camera. They want to know the guy they’re booking to sell them their dream house and the girl who will create beautiful stationery for their wedding. These are some of the most important days of their lives, so it only makes sense for your clients to feel as comfortable as possible with the people & vendors they trust.

Help make this process a little smoother by creating an ‘About Me’ page on your website or welcome packet. People are much more likely to become repeat clients when they feel like they know the person behind the work or service they’re booking. All of our Photoshop templates are completely customizable, meaning that you can easily update them on your own as your business grows & evolves.